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Crypto Pussy Club

Check out the Crypto Pussy Club available now at OpenSea:

Crypto Pussy Club on OpenSea

Join the Crypto Pussy Club and show off your Pussy!

2022 is the Year of Crypto Pussies. We have 4 different series of NFTs available – Series S, E, X, and the mega-exclusive Adult Star Series — follow us to be notified when we add the official Crypto Pussies of your favorite Adult Actresses and Models, authorized by the stars themselves. Every Crypto Pussy NFT is a unique and exclusive Edition 1/1.

Series S is the primary collection which will consist of 1,000 Pussies in total. The first 100 are available on the marketplace now, stay tuned for the remaining drops in 2022.

Series E is a limited-time collection, initially available only via Airdrop to supporters during our initial phase.

Series X is a special collection which will only ever consist of 100 NFT’s total. Each NFT in this premier collection will increase in price as availability becomes limited.